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David Morgan 

CEO, Landowner, Bank Sponsor

As the 3rd generation Morgan to manage the property, David has been planting trees on the farm since he was 8 years old, working alongside his grandfather Aubrey. He has over 25 years of experience working in various capacities on the property and began to take over the responsibilities of Managing Partner of Plas Newydd LLC from his father, Rhidian, in 2010. In his current position as Plas Newydd LLC CEO and landowner and Sponsor of Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank, David is responsible for daily operations of the 1,628-acre property and works closely with Conservation Program staff to establish the Wapato Valley Bank. His role includes coordination and communication with the other LLC members; overall budget planning and financial compliance for the business; and management and long-term planning and implementation of the Forestry Program, Agriculture Program, and Wapato Valley Bank Program. He is the primary liaison for local community members and organizations wanting to form associations or conduct projects with Plas Newydd and has had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of local contractors, community interest groups, nearby landowners, consultants, non-profit organizations, and staff from numerous tribal, local, state, and federal agencies. Prior to his full-time transition to Plas Newydd in 2007, David worked for 10 years as a design and test engineer for TigerStop, the global leader in design and manufacturing of stop/gauge and pusher systems. In that role he was responsible for new product development, as well as testing a broad range of equipment and technologies for functionality and design improvements. David’s home overlooks the farm where he and his wife Abby, and three children, Corwin, Adara, and Emelia enjoy easy access to the magic of the property, spending time on the land whenever they can. David enjoys introducing the 4th generation Morgans to their legacy of land stewardship. David has always loved the outdoors and can often be found deep in the woods, or on the Deschutes River in Oregon, chasing steelhead. He enjoys driving his newly restored vintage Bronco that his grandmother Patricia Wheeler purchased in 1969.

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