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Cindy Hill 

Financial and Human Resources Manager

Since March of 2016, Cindy had been responsible for the critical asset management of finances and human resources. Her role encompasses financial oversight, direction of human resources, and office administration. As a senior member of the Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank management team, Cindy collects and tracks data on mitigation bank credit sales and market opportunities for our region and manages the Wapato Valley credit ledger.  Out of college, Cindy was initially a CPA, but has spent the majority of her 25-year accounting career in financial management of manufacturing and software companies. Her experience includes high growth strategic planning, ERP implementation, inventory and costing, corporate finance, bank relations and managing external appraisals and audits. Cindy spends a substantial amount of her free time supporting her children – Annikka and Cash – in their various sports and extracurricular activities. When she does have a spare minute, she enjoys sewing and riding her horses. Cindy competes in the equestrian sport of reining, but her ideal day would be spent riding horses in the high country of the Pacific Northwest with her family and friends.

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