Sophie Ernst 

Field Biologist

Sophie is a field biologist responsible for collecting baseline and post-restoration monitoring data for the Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank, as well as other technical studies on the biodiverse habitats of the Plas Newydd property. Data collected for Wapato Valley Bank documentation is extensive and includes biotic and abiotic data (vegetation, fish, wildlife, soils, and hydrology) utilizing a wide variety of field data collection techniques. As a field biologist at Wapato Valley, Sophie contributes to protocol development and adaptive management, presentation and document production, data review and management, analysis, and reporting. As an undergraduate, Sophie interned at Plas Newydd Farm during the summers of 2014, 2015, and 2016, and then joined the team full time following her internships. Sophie interned at the EPA Region 10 in Winter 2015 as part of her undergraduate capstone project where she worked on non-point source pollution data management. Sophie graduated from the University of Washington in March 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. She earned her CESCL certificate in March 2017 and is currently working towards earning her GIS certificate from Portland Community college. In her free time, Sophie enjoys horse-back riding and traveling the world.