Hannah Mortensen 

Field Biologist, GIS Analyst

Hannah is a field biologist responsible for collecting baseline and post-restoration monitoring data for the Wapato Valley Mitigation and Conservation Bank, as well as other technical studies on the biodiverse habitats of the Plas Newydd property. Hannah is a licensed drone pilot and uses a drone for habitat mapping, videography and photography, and 3D modeling. Data collected for Wapato Valley Bank documentation is extensive and includes biotic and abiotic data (vegetation, fish, wildlife, soils, and hydrology) utilizing a wide variety of field data collection techniques. As a field biologist at Wapato Valley, Hannah contributes to protocol development and adaptive management, presentation and document production, data review and management, analysis, and reporting. Hannah first joined our staff in September 2015 as a graduate intern technician, and then transitioned into a full-time field biologist. Hannah graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, and recently earned a GIS Certificate from Portland Community College. When not tromping around the property, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and reading a good science fiction novel.